General consultation: 1.500,-

(reimbursed in the cost of surgery: Cataract, RLE, blepharoplasty, etc.)

Following consultations: 1.200,-

Postoperative control: 1500 ,-

Visual field test: 1500,-

SMILE – both eyes: 33.900,-

SMILE LBV – both eyes: Contact us for pricing

RLE (trifocal) both eyes: 53.000,- (Including correction for astigmatism)

RLE (EDOF) both eyes: 53.000,- (Including correction for astigmatism)

RLE (monofocal lenses) both eyes: 39.000,- (Including correction of astigmatism)

Cataract (one eye): 16.000,-

Cataract (both eyes): 28.000,-

Correction of astigmatism: 5.000,-  pr. øje

Dry eyes examination: 3.000,-

IPL treatments (3-4 treatments): 1.500,- per treatment

Tear duct probing (incl. consultation): 3.000,-

(Including consultation)

One eye: 3.000,-

Both eyes: 4.000,-

(Including consultation)

One chalazion/stye: 3.500,-

More than one chalazion/stye: 4.500,-

Removal of foreign object from eyelid (Including consultation): 7.000,-

Upper blepharoplasty both eyes, loose skin and fat removal (if necessary) : 9.500,-

Glaucoma checkup with 3 controls (annual payment): 9.500,-

Declaration from ophthalmologist: 7.000,-
Pilots ophthalmological examination: 3.000,-

Other certifications: 3.000,-

The prices for private consultations may depend on the patient's wishes and needs, as the time spent and the need for measurements and examinations may vary depending on the scope. An eye examination and consultation with one of our ophthalmologists normally costs DKK 1,500. Similarly, a monthly check-up after cataract surgery costs DKK 1,500. There may be exceptions to this. For example, a follow-up to a regular consultation always costs DKK 1,200.

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