Søs Egelind

Lens Change

The art of choosing the right treatment

Søs first contacted the clinic as she wanted to be free from using contact lenses, which she had been using for many years. In addition to this, Søs had experienced her vision getting worse over time. 

Søs came in for a preliminary examination at the clinic, where the best course of treatment was clarified. As she was in his early 60s, a laser operation was not the best solution, as Søs suffered from age-related vision and an incipient cataract, which would make it necessary to replace the lens in the eye within a few years. Therefore, the best treatment was a lens change, where both visual acuity and the incipient cataract are corrected. 

The course of treatment in the clinic

After the preliminary examination, a date is found for the treatment. In Søs' case, both eyes were treated on the same day. 

On the day of the treatment itself, you arrive at the clinic, where you can relax in the waiting room before the surgery. We administer local anaesthetic eyedrops and pupil dilating eye drops before the treatment. The procedure itself takes 10-15 minutes and immediately afterwards you will experience a clear improvement, despite the fact that you are still sensitive to light as a result of the eyedrops. 

After the treatment, Søs can in for two check ups; after 24 hours and after 2 weeks. For the check-ups, she had her vision measured and spoke to the ophthalmologist to ensure that everything is as it should be. Søs has experienced a huge improvement in her vision and now only uses glasses for close distance reading. 

Your treatment with us


Free online consultation

For the online consultation, you will have a conversation with one of our doctors, who will guide you and inform you about your treatment options.


Consultation in the clinic

After your online consultation, you will come to a consultation in the clinic, where we examine your eyes.



If you decide to have treatment with us, we will plan a day together for the treatment itself.



After your treatment, you will have a check-up with the ophthalmologist or one of our opticians, where we will measure your vision and make sure that everything is as it should be.

Which treatment is right for you?

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